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Conference on Software Architecture

Bridging the gap between technological and operational activities is what a software architect does. We help you get better at your job – by introducing you to the latest developments in your field, technological aids to help you work more efficiently, and a lot more to help you enhance yourself and bring in better results.

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Tom Levine

World Deaf Architecture Symposium

All software architects are trained the same way – but you can use your uniqueness to create a difference. To know more, catch up with us on Day one!

Marianne French

Risk Management Essentials

Striking the perfect balance between risk and returns is a humungous task – learn the tricks of the trade from Marianne!

Brandon Hernandez

Connecting Urban Design with Public Life

It’s all interconnected – learn how to connect the dots to out an impactful plan!


Justin G. Moore

CEO & Co-Founder

We’re all in this innovative field together – lets’ share our experiences to enrich each other so that we can create a difference on a larger platform. This platform is all about sharing, learning and updating yourself – there’s something for everyone to take back home.

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Just What Is Microsoft SQL & Why You Need A SQL Server Consultant

Just What Is Microsoft SQL & Why You Need A SQL Server Consultant

As the name implies, Microsoft SQL server was developed by Microsoft, and it’s a database management system. This particular database management system has a number of benefits to it. In the following paragraphs, 4 of those best benefits are going to be covered so you can know what you can potentially get out of this system. It’s not an easy product to master which is why you need the help of an sql server consultant.

4 Microsoft SQL Advantages

1) An Easy Installation Process:

One thing that helps this database management system be so powerful for many users starts with the fact that the installation process isn’t just streamlined, but downright smooth. Since you can do a full install with a setup wizard, you can install it without much effort. On the other hand, many other management systems will be far more complicated and require extensive knowledge. Since this one is easier to install effectively, it means that it requires less resources in terms of implementation, maintenance, and integration into your business.

2) Enhanced Security:

Another big benefit of Microsoft SQL is that it has better general security. Since Microsoft SQL detects security policies that aren’t entirely compliant by using various policy-based management systems, you can easily detect any irregularities. That means security audits can be efficient and streamlined, all of which adds up to effective and comprehensive security.

3) Improved Performance:

One other big benefit from using Microsoft SQL is that you’re going to get much better overall performance out of it. A big reason behind this is the ability to enjoy integrated data compression features, which means is a lot simpler to get things done, and that boosts performance quite a bit. You and your team are going to get exemplary levels of performance across the board with this database management system, down to the actual collection of data.

4) Minimal Implementation Cost:

One last substantial advantage you can enjoy is being able to implement Microsoft SQL without having to pay a lot of money. Since the whole system does things so very efficiently, particularly in how it optimizes so many of its processes, its going to let you experience data management free of investing a lot of money into things like server maintenance and server costs. You’ll also get to make the most of your data availability and recover it effectively whenever it is needed.

For the most part, Microsoft SQL just offers a lot more advantages than you’ll get from other options that are on the current market. You’re going to enjoy using a streamlined database management system that’s just the best one around. Not only will it work far better than most other systems, you’ll also enjoy lower maintenance costs and a cheaper implementation. As a consequence, this should be your go-to option if you’re thinking about a new system to be integrated into your business so you can have better results.

If you’re in the market for a new database management system, give Microsoft SQL a hard look. It can be seriously worth it in terms of the performance level, efficiency, and cost savings.

How to Become a Software Architect

How to Become a Software Architect

Software architecture is the software system’s high-level structure and everything that includes the creation of such systems. If you’re seeking a job as a software architect, you are in luck as the future really does look positive and it’s been estimated that the IT sector will see a hike in salary in the next few years.

This right now is the best time to get a job as a software architect if you’re an IT graduate or a professional who’s looking for a jump to software architecture.

Here are some tips on how to become a software architecture

Grasp of technological stacks

Try and understand as much as you can about coding. This includes the in-depth knowledge of OS and software such as Android, iOS, Python and Java as an architect must have a broad understanding of programming.

Read as much as you can

Ask your friends who work in programming whether they can get you books to help you grow as it is imperative to get your hands on the most valuable books available.

Enrol for part-time courses


Although many courses offer various options, there are very little that is worth your time. Be on the lookout for institutions that offer professional courses and ones that are able to answer your questions and also institutions that provide authoritative certificate systems as they may serve your well.

Find a good teacher

Find a software architect from the place that you work currently. Ask them about their experiences as you are only starting from scratch. Be sure to have a lot of questions for your mentor as this will help you get an idea on how they got to where they are right now.

People better than you

As with any area or field, the best way to gain knowledge is through inspiration. Try and accumulate their code designs and ask why they have chosen that particular design. Understand their decision making process and absorb whatever information they have. Make sure to see them in person, but if you can’t find one, you can always turn to blogs or social media in order to find mentors.

Become a teacher

If you teach something, you’ll have a better grasp of the subject as you’ll have to know what you’re explaining in its full entirety and depth. Try writing blogs or teach via whiteboard as a beginner. Keep on the lookout for mentors while you teach as this is an excellent method to find teachers for yourself.

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